About DevicesPlus

DevicesPlus Solutions is a well established Information Technology company with its presence in USA, EU, Australia and New Zealand. We offer complete IT Services to our clients to help them meet their their business needs.

DevicesPlus Solutions has a cost effective business model. Our systems are efficient and competent, which is a profitable partner to its clients and vendors.

The DevicesPlus Team has creative freedom and they can exchange opinions, ideas, passions and dynamisms to enrich themselves and to reach their goals. This ambience of mutual cooperation and respect at work arena helps them to achieve the best results which make DevicesPlus's esteemed client happy and satisfied. This helps us to provide superior service to our customers and help them achieve competitive advantage in the global marketplace. We use ITIL Practice to identify the client's desired destination solution and also the path to get us there.

The skills and dedication of DevicesPlus professionals assure that your project is flawless and dynamic in quality, appearance and performance.

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  • Java
  • .NET Technologies
  • UNIX system and network administrators
  • Linux
  • Technical Training